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SGS settle of workstation of first county class always health
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SGS settle of workstation of first county class always health

Workstation of class of first county of the test and verify with the greatest whole world, test and country of company of SGS of authentication service orgnaization yesterday settle always health. This is meant always the non tariff barrier that industry of car of health city recreational sports is aimed at an European Union, especially RoHS instruction, had answer strategy actively. Yesterday morning, SGS connects branch of Shanghai of mark standard limited company chief and always leader of health city concerned department is in always big public house of health city bright phearl held SGS always health workstation signing ceremony and award a card.
In recent years, always comprehensive strength of health city economy increases ceaselessly, ranks of 100 strong county town resided the 44th last year, this profit from always health city is versed in aid extroversion spends already to rise ceaselessly in last few years, the international market already became a when this city economy grows quickly main engine. This year first half of the year, always health city realizes self-supporting exit 600 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 35.5% , reside first place of golden China city.
After our country attends WTO, eliminate of camp gradually as custom duty, to always the exit development of car of health city dynamoelectric tool, recreational sports, small home appliance brought new opportunity. But at the same time, the non tariff barrier that comes a few this years, increase in great quantities like all sorts of camp such as responsibility of environment, technology, safe, society, also give always exit of health city product brought very big impact. Especially since last year, the European Union dictates twice, especially RoHS dictates (dictate about certain and harmful material is being used in the limitation in electric electron equipment) roll out reach carry out, to always product of the electron of health city, electric equipment caused very big impact. RoHS dictates involved trade is more, always the be the first to be affected of dynamoelectric tool industry of health city. Additional, this city exit measures older recreational sports car, small home appliance to wait, also be affected badly, produce cost to increase not only, exit difficulty is increased, and test and verify, detect, the cost such as attestation also raises greatly. The penalty that dictates to disobeying WEEE, RoHS according to European Union each country sets, if the product that enters European Union each country waits for index without the environmental protection that achieves these national regulations, will be punished by severe economy even arrest battle. If Irish country sets: If export business disobeyed RoHS instruction, inspect violate compasses circumstance to give amerce, violate compasses is serious person highest can give amerce 15 million euro or to battle of relevant personnel arrest punishment of 10 years. Current, the European Union has 20 many countries to already began to carry out RoHS instruction.
As we have learned, to answer what the RoHS of European Union each country dictates to carry out, always business of a few export adopted health city to answer measure, but because lack those who unite authority to detect,orgnaization and existence information are illogical the circumstance such as free, the cost that the enterprise costs is relative taller, and each him enterprise searchs detect the orgnaization is existing the circumstance of the good and bad are intermingled, in the product export side still is put in the risk with very big move. For this, the Zhejiang that will hold water on Feburary 28 this year saves guild of recreational use motor-car fast company place is urgent, study through devoting oneself to for a long time to export product security to detect with domestic much home the company negotiates, final decision and SGS connect collaboration of branch of Shanghai of mark standard limited company. SGS company is Switzerland founds the product exit 1878 to examine, test and authentication service orgnaization, high reputation is enjoyed in the whole world. 1991, swiss SGS company and limited company of development of Chinese standard technology cooperate, established SGS to connect mark standard technology to serve limited company, saved city to already built 30 11 16 branches, agency, labs each in our country at present.
Yesterday, zhejiang saves Hu Jirong of chairman of guild of recreational use motor-car to say, zhejiang saved guild of recreational use motor-car last year (include predecessor always car of slide of motor-car of health town report, gasoline engine guild) crossed 3 bank since last year. The first pits, it is to be aimed at always health enterprise copy risks product, low malign competition and " painful break " Wo Erma order, take the lead in undertaking in industry of this city industry thought fors the time being, realized the new breakthrough that industry self-discipline manages, product of authority of accumulative total dimension 137. The 2nd it is policy bank. Last year in December, always the enterprise that a lot of health city production discharge the blame highway that measures 50cc above to use autocycle two rounds encountered couplet of 5 ministries and commissions sends the country " the announcement that exports order about normative autocycle product " policy cold current. For this, association cooperates always health city harmonious group is mirrorred actively about the branch to the country, make the country concerns a branch to be not what do not have registered permanent residence originally not only finally highway used autocycle 2 rounds to go up registered permanent residence, still included management the plan. The 3rd bank is two instructions of the European Union. Environmental protection is big trend, the country such as Japan, United States wants this one practice of imitated European Union sooner or later. Accordingly, two instructions that how answer an European Union are become always the problem that health enterprise cares jointly. This, zhejiang saves guild of recreational use motor-car and SGS to connect mark standard technology to serve collaboration of branch of limited company Shanghai to become Li Yongkang workstation, make always business of health city export had those who be worth to trust and can offer preferential price case to detect service orgnaization. This is helpful for not only and go to the lavatory always the product exit attestation of health enterprise, detect wait for the job, also be helpful for rising always health enterprise is in the level of management of product quality respect.