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ATV complete ground cross-country car is used at martial utility
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ATV complete ground cross-country car is used at martial utility

There is a kind of small four-wheeler recently very run red, its figure appears in home again and again equipment of all sorts of soldiers and police exhibit the spot, on TV news and martial journal, use this kind of car as locomotive motor-driven batholith all sorts of changing model the car also shines in succession picture, this kind recently very what is the car vehicle that be very popular? ? It is, complete ground four-wheel and cross-country autocycle. If call a law according to what pass through on international, by ATV of a general designation, what is ATV after all? It is " All Terrain Vehicle " abbreviate, complete ground of generally refer to 車 , general also a general designation is beach 車 . Beach car (also say four-wheel full-court ground car, english namely ATV) it is recreation of a kind of collect, athletic sports, travel the special purpose vehicle at an organic whole, freedom of a variety of complex road surface can wait to gallop in place of road of beach, meadow, hill, travel, have take exercise drive ability, foster the function of brave spirit, it is brave, the BMW fine vehicle of the youth that act vigorously enters. Its performance is good, quality is reliable, modelling is beautiful, by ride comfortable, hard usage, already was agreed with extensively by domestic and international market, had sold as far as to American and other places, favor by the user.
Because our country is motorcycle production big country, the industry is heavy much, production transforms ability tremendous, between each enterprise as a result of intense competition, allegedly every produce the profit of a motor to have 1% only now, and the profit that produces an ATV can be amounted to 20% , , plus its ten split phase are like structure and autocycle, and a lot of components and autocycle are general, also have person so its are " four-wheel autocycle " . Because of this home manufacturer of each big motor production, change the line of production in succession this kind four-wheel exit of complete ground cross-country car is achieved collect, according to not complete count, our country has greatly small ATV to produce an enterprise not to issue 100 (already professional ATV produces an enterprise, also have a lot of it is autocycle enterprise have the aid of existing equipment and personnel undertake production. For example:  of < of foot of herd of  small cup casts complete ground of TV of 腁 of ǖ of  of fear of  of children's hair of fierce calamity of smile of  of ⅲ of calamity epiphysis  car, since coming out 2000 fast and occupational international market, exit already amounted to 27 thousand, implementation exported 536 million yuan last year. Become the ATV complete ground that home enters Euramerican market the first times car to produce an enterprise. Of course the Jia Ling of Chongqing, each big motor manufacturer such as Li Fan also is produced desperately. According to learning from concerned respect, since 2004, chongqing city is four-wheel beach car exit appears " blowout " : 1 ~ in July, exit of company of complete Chongqing autocycle is four-wheel amount of beach car aggregate 16.78 million dollar, up to to July 2004, chongqing city also is exported four-wheel beach car amount already amounted to 26 thousand, from above number everybody cans be imagined, of China four-wheel the productivity of complete ground cross-country autocycle has how tremendous...
Because this kind of tall motor-driven is cross-country car, the motor engine that uses high-power as dynamical source, [250C above] , automobile body centre of gravity low, still contain low pressure of 4 wide cut is cross-country tire, because this has very strong tall motor-driven to jump over wild function, the more austere landform, can develop its four-wheel and cross-country ability more, its occurrence, caused the attention of each country army very quickly, of this kind of great horse power that powerful nation of world each military affairs purchases in succession four-wheel complete ground cross-country car, the row installs army of respective picked special type, if army of U.S. Army special type equips in great quantities " athlete " complete landform car (ATV) , according to England " defense system daily newspaper " reported on May 3, 2004] special type of American department of defense fights headquarters and company of industry of " Polaris " signed car of 700 complete landform (the production of ATV) and delivery contract, be stationed in Iraq and Afghan U.S. Army to using this kind of car. According to saying, these complete landform cars can get used to the landform with the most complex whole world.
This contract is company of industry of " Polaris " and special type fight headquarters (SOCOM) two years many since the result that begins associated design, "Car of athlete "MV complete landform (MV points to for military use model) the batholith that those who use is car of complete landform of " of athlete of the " that make type and engine, can apply to all sorts of landform, "Athlete "MV has the following characteristic: Infra-red light raised night to inspect ability; Protect the bumper of car; Disappointing protect mix with tire the ignition that do not have key; Aggrandizement steel is worn and increase model pensile device, it is better to can be offerred prop up, defend and pass through the ability of rugged landform; Around metal rack, double what carrying capacity is the ATV that make type; Around capstan vehicle tractive capacity all is 1135 kilogram; Fuel capacity increases somewhat. This contract still includes a × of " athlete "6 6 change one's costume or dress to military standard. "Polaris " company fights at beginning to be special type in March 2003 headquarters produces MV, already offerred hundreds so far.
Additional, world other powerful nation of each military affairs is special warfare unit also is listed outfit is not little, be like Russia, israel, connect the stage with thither channel army fear instead army also deploys 18 500 Cc first degrees four-wheel and cross-country autocycle (beach car) .

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