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What can ATV do?
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ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) it is recreation of a kind of collect, athletic sports, travel the special purpose vehicle at an organic whole, freedom of a variety of complex road surface can wait to gallop in place of road of beach, meadow, hill, travel, have take exercise drive ability, foster the function of brave spirit, it is brave, the BMW fine vehicle of the youth that act vigorously enters. Its performance is good, quality is reliable, modelling is beautiful, by ride comfortable, hard usage, already was agreed with extensively by domestic and international market, had sold as far as to American and other places, favor by the user.

At present the utility of ATV basically has the following:

One, real operation.

ATV can get used to all sorts of landform, no matter be country, forestry centre, farm, mine,still be sanded ground so, can face leisurely. If be to be in snow ground travel, want to add tyre chain only, freely euqally easily also.

Muti_function a lot of goods can embark after paragraph ATV adds around goods shelves, suit to undertake carriage in and other places of country, a mountainous area, mining area very much. Outfit trailer still can be added by oneself after ATV (like right graph) , can increase load greatly so, raise work efficiency.

2, motion is recreational.

Athletic money ATV suits pleasure ground to use quite. Have the field of hollowness, can develop pleasure ground of an ATV racing bicycle. The choice is little quantity (200cc is the following) , the ATV of infinitely variable speeds can satisfy people already recreational recreation need, difficulty is not tall also, men and women all appropriate. In holiday, people sees fancy ATV can have the impulse of itch to try.

I stand direct distributor city succeeds among them case is Changsha 1000 dragon lake goes vacationing the ATV that the village bought 10 125cc, be in 11 during, the business of 1000 dragon lake is unusually hot, future of beach car pleasure ground is bright.

3, tool of ride instead of walk.

Current, autocycle is medium still the tool of main ride instead of walk of low income crowd, but the risk factor of autocycle is higher, accident occurence rate is higher also. Old people and disabled cannot by motorcycle. ATV is different, four-wheel stability is apparent prep above two rounds, and the price is lower than the car, be being mixed to old people so is best choice for the disabled.
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