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How to drive correctly ATV
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Have the road-sense that does not plant at other car, when use ATV it is on older rate multiply and riding is not to drive. Ride when multiplying ATV, exaggerated body movement is its feature, be apt to uses the shift of body centre of gravity, make up for ATV to turn to angle to pass to be short of greatly break, need is familiar with engine dynamic character, make movement giving a turn rapidder, fluent. Sit smoothly on ATV, what can let you forget it is potential is dangerous, but drive undeservedly movement, can make ATV extremely easy really to turn over.

Drive correctly the method is: When low speed, cut direction to the direction that is about to turn the hand, the upper part of the body a little pitch, double foot walks firm, on footplate of the side outside weight park, obtain a balance with the upper part of the body, accelerator maintains calm fast. When high speed, be operated basically and turn when low speed identical, different is to obtain balance and greater centrifugal power, the shift of the upper part of the body also must grow in quantity. Uphill when, bipod is wanting to walk on footplate on the spot, after affirmatory gear, quicken before climbing slope. When small angle climbs slope, beard general body slides toward seat ahead, make the body weighs heart reach. When rake is urgent, should move centre of gravity as far as possible to ahead, and according to situation is different, beard station is above footplate, curve the body forth, make focus changes to front-wheel drive. Want to avoid to climb the decelerate shift gears in slope road as far as possible, if must be done so, also want to undertake as soon as possible when rate is fixed. When stopping in road climbing slope, want apace to press front-wheel drive brake first, press rear wheel again brake and stop brake (Parking Brake) , namely first the apply the brake before Buddhist templeput on the brakes, it is next hind apply the brake. Declivous when criterion conversely.

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